Thursday, August 20, 2009

Streams and Hikes

Lately I've been making efforts to get outside. Not only to explore more of the new surroundings, but to get feeling more fit. All that time sitting at the jewelers bench for those late nights in grad school has left me, well, a bit more roundish. Fishing and hiking has been amazing here, there are springs and streams around every bend in the road and on the trails. 

Along the Porter's Creek trail, remnants from the past- the Ownby's barn and farming area, with spring house, and beyond this, the Smokey Mountain Hiking Club camp house. Really neat places to explore deep in the forest.

The rain has caused many kinds of fungi to grow, some that I've never laid my eyes on. Growing up in St. Louis, but coming most recently from Arizona, its like I' seeing things for the first time again in many ways:

Bridges cross many creeks and streams along the trails throughout Great Smokey Mountains National Park, some more scary than others. (Especially with a team of horseflies and bees, mosquitos and their friends on you all the while!)

The time spent in the woods and on the water surely has me thinking about new work. Inspiring? Incredibly! I can't wait to get into the studio and see what happens next!

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