Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Artist in Residence Exhibition

So... I want to finally share some images of the 2010 Artist in Residence Exhibition. Jill Greene, Arrowmont's in-house photographer captured the exhibition and the opening reception for us, and we are so lucky for that! Check out what the Thaddeus Erdahl, Martina Lantin, Kent Perdue and myself were able to accomplish in our eleven months spent in Gatlinburg, Tennessee as resident artists:

The Residents!
Martina Lantin
Kent Perdue
TJ and his girlfriend, Stephanie Stuefer
Thaddeus Erdahl
Me and Martina
Two of our most favorite people on campus- Darren and Maxine!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of what we worked on. I'll be adding more images to my flickr and crafthaus pages soon! Time is ticking here in East Tennessee, we will be parting ways this weekend... it seems like only a short time ago that we were all meeting each other for the first time on campus at Arrowmont. Next post: where are we headed?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

This year, I finally applied.... I finally did it! And the outcome?

This November, I will be exhibiting in the Philidelphia Museum of Art Craft Show as an Emerging Artist. I am really, really excited! There is so much work to do! Because I participated in the Winter Park Sidewalk Art and Music Festival, I understand a little better than before what it will take to do a good job at this event.

On my checklist:
back and side walls
jewelry display cases and tables
business cards
marketing brochures
and of course, new work!

I have lots to do between now and November 9th! If anybody has advice, I am all ears!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Resident Open Studio

Our days are coming to an end here at Arrowmont, so the residents got together to throw an Open Studio one last time. It was an all day affair, to make sure we could visit with as many people as possible. We grilled, had a fire in the pit, ate good food and laughed. It was awesome to see old students, Arrowmont staff and Board members, and friends.

This is my studio- and some new work...

An Arrowmont family photo- with Bill Griffith, the Assistant Director here at Arrowmont.... and Zoe- Bill's dog, our mascot! It was a great day. Thanks for coming to visit everybody!

Soon I want to share our resident exhibition with you all. I posted a video Kent made a while back, but I'd like to show photos of the exhibition, and share some of my new work, and where I'm headed next.
Two weeks to go here in the Smoky's, time to get busy art making and trail blazin'!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Recently I was asked to do an interview with the website Love to Know. I know little about these guys, except for the fact that they have done interviews with other metalsmiths that I admire. Check out what came from our conversation here. I enjoy doing things like this- it helps expand the horizons of those we know, and can help clarify things we are thinking but not neccesarily sharing all the time. I also think it is great practice in learning how to describe your work and talk about yourself.