Sunday, September 27, 2009

Studio work

So its been a while since I've posted! A lot has been going on and I am excited to share the news as things unfold. But for now, take a peek at some of the work I have been creating here at Arrowmont. I have sorta left off with my ideas from graduate school with the sculptural pieces I am sharing here. I have also been making lots of production work, getting ready for a couple fine art holiday sales on the books.
Building studio components, creating new work, collecting tools and gear, making teaching aids, I am loving life at Arrowmont!

This is a wallpiece. It is about 14"across, and about 10" high. There is a stalactite slice cold connected onto this piece, with three grey pearls.This piece was made as a trade with another metalsmith, Joan Dulla. Check out the side view:

This next series is of five copper domes, formed hydraulically, which have a 6" diameter. They include various gems and minerals, such as ammonite, iolite, psalamaline, garnet, chalcedony, carnelian, and a slice of stalactite. These are talking about presence in deep space, and the void that surrounds. Sort of a smaller version of some very large ellipses I worked on in graduate school. I will be taking portfolio shots soon, and these will show the elements which are cold connected on them much more clearly.

So... I have been working on lots and lots of jewelry... I love making jewelry! It really feels good to be able to start and finish a piece in the same day! (although the patterned metal in this ring definitely took longer than a day!!) This is probably my most favorite piece of jewelry I have made since completing grad school. It just found a home in Chicago! I have been working on hollowrings, earrings, as well as various pendents. I am doing lots of exploring in metal and sketching ideas for production lines. I'd like to have two or three cohesive bodies by Christmastime so that I can start approaching galleries. I'll definitely post pictures of progress and hope for your feedback!

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