Friday, February 12, 2010

MTSU Visiting Artists

On Wednesday, Kent, TJ and I made the cold and snowy trip to Murfreesboro, about 3 hours west of Gatlinburg, to present artist lectures to the students and faculty of the art department at Middle Tennessee State University. We were invited by Erin Anfinson, who we had met here at Arrowmont when she was a faculty member during the fall session. She is a faculty member and painter at MTSU. The lectures went well, and we all learned a little more about each others work and got to see pieces we hadn't before.
This is the Todd building, which houses the art department and galleries. It was beautiful. The facilities were relatively new, and very up to date in terms of technology and equipment. I was very impressed. The faculty members were so talented, as well as the students. I wish I had more photos to share, but we were pleased to be able to see student work hanging everywhere, due to a recent critique. After our lectures, we spent one on one time with individuals having studio visits. It was neat to talk to these guys, working in different mediums.

In between Gatlinburg and Murfreesboro, there is a tiny town called Crossville. It is home to a massive treehouse- I mean huge!! It is built entirely from scrap wood, and has different rooms, porches, swings... anything you can dream. Even a stained glass window! We had to stop and check it out.... I found out about this treehouse on a blog I read called This Tiny House. When I found out it was in Tennessee, it wound up on my "must- do while in Tennessee" list. Check out more pictures on my facebook page. The snow made this place that much more interesting, drifts in the rooms and on the stairs, blowing in through the reclaimed windows. Such a cool place, makes you feel like a kid again!

Wednesday was action packed and filled with good story telling- we had about 8 hours in the car together! Thank you very much to Erin Anfinson and MTSU for having us come out.

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