Friday, May 14, 2010

Resident Open Studio

Our days are coming to an end here at Arrowmont, so the residents got together to throw an Open Studio one last time. It was an all day affair, to make sure we could visit with as many people as possible. We grilled, had a fire in the pit, ate good food and laughed. It was awesome to see old students, Arrowmont staff and Board members, and friends.

This is my studio- and some new work...

An Arrowmont family photo- with Bill Griffith, the Assistant Director here at Arrowmont.... and Zoe- Bill's dog, our mascot! It was a great day. Thanks for coming to visit everybody!

Soon I want to share our resident exhibition with you all. I posted a video Kent made a while back, but I'd like to show photos of the exhibition, and share some of my new work, and where I'm headed next.
Two weeks to go here in the Smoky's, time to get busy art making and trail blazin'!

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