Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Artist in Residence Exhibition

So... I want to finally share some images of the 2010 Artist in Residence Exhibition. Jill Greene, Arrowmont's in-house photographer captured the exhibition and the opening reception for us, and we are so lucky for that! Check out what the Thaddeus Erdahl, Martina Lantin, Kent Perdue and myself were able to accomplish in our eleven months spent in Gatlinburg, Tennessee as resident artists:

The Residents!
Martina Lantin
Kent Perdue
TJ and his girlfriend, Stephanie Stuefer
Thaddeus Erdahl
Me and Martina
Two of our most favorite people on campus- Darren and Maxine!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of what we worked on. I'll be adding more images to my flickr and crafthaus pages soon! Time is ticking here in East Tennessee, we will be parting ways this weekend... it seems like only a short time ago that we were all meeting each other for the first time on campus at Arrowmont. Next post: where are we headed?

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