Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ACC 2009

Last weekend I had the privilege to attend the American Craft Council's 2009 conference in Minneapolis. I was excited to be there to hear speakers like Sonya Clark, Richard Sennett, Faythe Levine, and Natalie Chanin to name a few. I was also glad to be there with friends, and had the pleasure of making many new friends. The Minneapolis art community was stellar- lots of great things going on at the Northrup King Building and the Northern Clay Center, wonderful people and lots of treats for the eyes.
The conference was fast paced, lots of information- that which was being blogged live by two metalsmiths for SNAG. The official SNAG bloggers were Harriete Estel Berman and Emiko Oye. Click their names to read their takes on things. I am still soaking it all in. So many new aspects to consider, books to read, people to talk to! One thing I can say, and I think many will agree, is that I was surprised at the amount of time spent on Martha Stewart and DIY. Will craft ever be defined? I liked one man's response to the question- Just keep making!
room with a view!
...another room with a view: Richard Sennett speaking Friday morning.
me and Judy!
Lynette, Barbara Smith, and myself

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