Sunday, October 4, 2009

Torch-fired Enamels

What a great week! Our class with Marjorie Simon flew by, but not before she could share a variety of skill sets with us. She shared torch firing enamels, fold forming, embossing and the hydraulic press, solderless pin backs, and a variety of cold connecting techniques. We had such a great group, some who had never touched metal, gallery owners, even the vp of the Enamelist Society. And we all come away with new knowledge, and pieces to show for it!

Marjorie even brought some of her own work with her, to show examples of the ways that she uses the skills she was sharing. They were just gorgeous.

And student work a plenty:

Vicki Mathieu

Diane Howey

Robin Lathroum

Cynthia Hicks

...and these were my samples, which you probably recognize from the last post. I fold formed everything and used etching creme galore. I really liked the effect of the matte finish on such vibrant colors.
The last thing I tired was embossing in conjunction with enameling. I used steel binding wire, then some blues. I also used the solderless pin back Marjorie taught us. It was a good solution to making a lightweight, wearable piece. I donated this brooch to Arrowmont's silent auction, which took place the Friday evening. Auctions at Arrowmont are a lot of fun, and support the student scholarship fund. I was happy to see this brooch go home with Bill!
This week long class was incredibly enriching, and I will have a lot to think about in the studio! It was great learning from Marjorie and I know enameling will be showing up in my work from here on out!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Your pieces are beautiful!