Monday, November 9, 2009

Art Reach

My latest bunch(most of them!) of kids for Arrowmont's Art Reach program! These guys are high school seniors, we had a blast cuttlebone casting with pewter.
Arrowmont has been running a program for years that allows students of all ages in area schools to come in for a day and participate in an art class. This year, there is a photography class, two different ceramics classes, a wood turning class, and a fibers class making batiked bandanas. It is great for the kids because they are getting to experience things outside the norm: art in school is limited in this area to say the least, most students spend about 30 minutes per week with their art teachers. I really enjoy my time with these kids, and I want more! They are a treat to have on campus, and so much fun to work with!

These last two pieces are from my fifth graders! They are both T's, but for very different reasons. The first is a "power T", significant in the football culture here, and the second, a very feminine initial! I wish I had more to share, but the time flies and before you know it were out of it! Today's group had a great cast and some very refined work.... can't wait to see what next week will bring!

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