Monday, November 16, 2009

DC Craft Show

Over the first weekend of November, I was able to attend the DC Craft Show, as an assistant to Joan Dulla. The show was held in the Washington Convention Center, in the heart of the district. There were 190 artists showing, and it was a beautiful mix of work.

Joan's money teapot made the cover of the program, what a great surprise for her, not to mention the publicity! Joan was interviewed on the local Fox network the day before the show's opening.
This was Joan's booth, her cousin Lucy joined as well. We had a blast! Joan taught me lots about the business: the real deal, as opposed to just talking about things. I learned a lot! I was given time to go explore and talk to other artists vending. Getting different perspectives, different ideas about the way things work. Here is a view from above, only showing a portion of the hall the Craft Show filled.

I have been reading Madeleine Albright's book, Read My Pins. It's a good one, whether you are into jewelry, politics, or just body adorment in general. The former secretary of state was in attendance, and gave an interview with a book signing. It was pretty neat to listen to the stories come from her, not just pages in a book. She's a smart and funny woman to say the least!

My next post will be about some of the artist's I really enjoyed at the show. If you are ever in the vicinity of DC during the times of this event, it is well worth the trip! Thanks, Joan!!

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