Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here, There and Everywhere!

Since finishing up an extremely magical residency at Arrowmont, I have been city hopping! I made my way West again, stopping to be with family and friends in St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, and Phoenix, now I am home again in Flagstaff, Arizona. FINALLY!!In August, I will once again be spending my days at Northern Arizona University. This is the school where I completed my BFA in metals with Joe Cornett. I will be teaching in the Jewelry and Metals department at the School of Performing and Fine Arts. I am very excited, and cannot wait to meet the students and see them through the rest of their journeys as undergraduates. I’ll be teaching five sections of class, including: two advanced techniques courses, casting, a calss that gears students up for their BFA exhibition, and 3-D Design. I have a lot of students! This will be a new experience in so many ways. I am so grateful to have had the Arrowmont experience preceding this as it gave me a chance to reflect and grow as an artist and as a thinker.

The San Francisco Peaks during monsoon season

Though the Jewelry and metals program is scheduled to close in two years, I have high hopes for the future. All in all, I am grateful for the experience to teach on a higher level and affect the lives of the next generations of metalsmiths and makers! (and in Flagstaff, to boot- I love this town!)

Winston takin a breather on the trail

Oh yeah, I have had a new friend with me since leaving Arrowmont! His name is Winston- he’s a two year old pit bull terrier/ Greater Swiss Mountain dog mix. He’s a stud, and keeping me on my toes! Its nice to have a buddy to hike all the trails that are right out my backdoor!

More on Flagstaff and the University to come! Thanks for reading!

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