Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August in Flagstaff

Flagstaff in the summertime is quite a treat. That is, if you are unaffected by forest fire, or mudslides caused by torrential monsoon rains. This summer has been especially hard on Flagstaff, but the beauty must be shared! August is especially gorgeous, with the simultaneous bloom of millions of sunflowers and other variety of wildflowers. I live just south of town and am surrounded by National Forest. Thats right, trails that connect to secluded and well traveled lakes, wild animals, and lots of elk! I am loving it. I even have to make hummingbird rescues from time to time when they whiz into our house. Hope you enjoy the views:
Out the backyard after a monsoon.

Lake Mary- just two minutes down the road from my house!

Winston enjoying some fetch in the crystal clear waters of Oak Creek.



A far off view of the San Francisco Peaks from Lake Mary Road.

The road home! I live a minute off this road, it is such a pleasure to drive to work!

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