Sunday, August 15, 2010

Its Winter Park time!

Last March, I participated in the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival in Winter Park, Florida. Winter Park is a suburb of Orlando, a really pretty town! I The application is now online for anyone interested in showing. Just click on the link! I was selected to exhibit as an emerging artist, and this opportunity is what I am really wanting to share with you all.

It was such a positive experience. The WPSAF has been running a program for many years that helps emerging artists- those who have not had the experience of showing at a larger festival. They pay for your travel to and from the event, put you up in a nice hotel, pay your booth fee, advertise for you in their festival book; even pay for your meals!

This experience allowed me to talk with other artists there, those making a living doing shows like this one. I learned about how to survive on the road, how to set up a booth that will attract attention and is easily packed down for transit. I got so much good advice there. This experience gave me the confidence to apply to the upcoming Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.

I will never forget the people I met at this Festival! From the other emerging artists- Richard Auger and Jon Nate Cotterman, to experienced artists like Janine DeCresenzo and Jamie Lampert, what an awesome experience!

Thank you to the folks at Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival once again!

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